Outlook 2010 Báo Lỗi Send/Receive Error

On hitting the send/receive button in Outlook, if you encounter the “Not Implemented” error, it is usually indicative sầu of problems with MS Outlook. Let us closely look at the causes of this error and see how it can be fixed.

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Though Microsoft Outlook is largely unscathed by problems, some errors can get too tough khổng lồ handle it. Amuốn them is the “not implemented” Outlook error. This is quite an unusual sight for Outlook users, và they easily get confused by the error message “Outlook Not Implemented”. Quite naturally, there isn’t much they can come up with khổng lồ resolve sầu it.

If you’re among mỏi such users, we’ve sầu got some helpful tips that will enable you to lớn get on top of this error. The tips are closely tied khổng lồ the actual roots of the error, so that’s where we’re going khổng lồ start.

Reasons behind Outlook error code “not implemented.”

The not implemented outlook 2007 error is most commonly seen when users try to persize a Send/Receive operation, or try khổng lồ initiate a Reply / Reply All / Forward operation on their Windows 10/8/7 computers. The primary reasons that play a part in triggering this error include:

Faulty Outlook Add-ins Messed up Send / Receive sầu Settings (Damaged SRS file) Improper Integration of Outlook with Anti-virut program Damaged Outlook Protệp tin Damaged Outlook Installation Corrupt Outlook PST tệp tin Common fixes

You can try out the following fixes in order one at a time to resolve sầu Outlook not implemented error.

1. Launch Outlook in Safe Mode và disable Add-ins

While Outlook add-ins are installed to augment its functionality, more often than not, they have sầu been known lớn cause problems. Bugged or corrupted add-ins can hamper the proper working of Outlook, và the error in question is just one of the many ill-effects they bring. Thus as a first step, disable any add-ins you may have installed in your MS Outlook application:

Start Outlook in safe mode by typing the command outlook /safe in the Windows ‘Run’ dialogue và hit Enter. This will launch Outlook for all add-ins disabled.
Go khổng lồ Outlook Options -> Add-ins -> Go. This opens up a dialogue box listing all installed add-ins. Uncheck all add-in names to disable them. Now try send/receive, or reply / forward và see if it works. If it does, you’ve sầu just found your culprit.

Start enabling add-ins one & a time, re-checking send/receive sầu or reply/forward every time to lớn spot the faulty add-in.

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2. Correct Send / Receive sầu Settings by recreating SRS file

MS Outlook saves your preferences & personal Sover / Receive settings in a file called the SRS file. Damage lớn this file is one of the most obvious reasons behind the Outlook error code “not implemented”. Thus, reset all SRS tệp tin settings by recreating it:

Navigate lớn the folder C:Users\%username%AppDataRoamingMicrosoftOutlook
Rename the files Outlook. Srs lớn something else lượt thích Outlook. Srs. old Restart Outlook to lớn recreate the SRS file automatically Cheông chồng if send/receive works 3. Disable Anti-virus Program

While having proper anti-vi khuẩn protection is recommended, sometimes, such applications are configured to lớn scan all emails being sent and received. This can lead khổng lồ delay, hanging, or interruption of the send/receive process. Thus, disabling the anti-vi khuẩn setting that scans outgoing và incoming emails is a good way khổng lồ resolve sầu this error.

4. Recreate Outlook Profile

One of the reasons behind the Outlook not implemented error is messed up Outlook protệp tin. Here’s how you can recreate a new protệp tin to resolve this problem:

Go to lớn Control Panel & select the “Mail” applet Click “Show Profiles”
On the next screen cliông xã the “Add” button to lớn create a new profile Set up your trương mục manually or automatically 5.Repair MS Office Installation

Though quite rare, problems within the MS Office installation might trigger this error. Thus, reinstalling Office is also a viable option.

mở cửa Control Panel & select “Uninstall Programs.” Select Microsoft Office and click the “Change” button In the subsequent window, choose “Repair” & click “Continue.”

Note: If you are using Outlook 2019 or Outlook 2016, you might need to lớn carry out an Online Repair or Quiông xã Repair.

6. Repair corrupted Outlook PST

If none of the above sầu solutions works for your case, a corrupted PST file might be the actual source of your trouble. Thus, repair pst fileusing one of the below-mentioned techniques:

a. Use ScanPST.exe

Microsoft Outlook includes an inbuilt Inbox repair utility by the name of ScanPST.exe to lớn find & fix minor corruptions within Outlook PST file. This utility is located within the Office installation thư mục and can be launched by double-clicking. It is an extremely beneficial way of resolving PST related errors when nothing else works. Launch it and follow the instructions lớn fix PST. However, you should rethành viên that this utility will fail lớn deliver results if the Outlook PST is severely damaged.

Read This:3 Steps to Run Free PST Repair Software (ScanPST.exe) in MS Outlook


b. Use of Stellar Repair for Outlook

If you are unable khổng lồ get rid of the error even after using ScanPST.exe cộ, your Outlook PST file is severely damaged. Thus, avoid wasting any more time and resort to the sure-shot solution for the “not implemented outlook error” error, Stellar Repair for Outlook. Backed by powerful scanning & repairing algorithms, this software will put an kết thúc khổng lồ your woes by efficiently and quickly repairing severely corrupted PST file.



Hope one of the above-mentioned solutions can help you overcome the Outlook error code “not implemented”. Rethành viên, if manual methods don’t work, you can always fall bachồng on tried and tested reliable Outlook pst recovery software like Stellar Repair for Outlook.