Repair: File And Print Sharing Resource Is Online But Isn’t Responding To Connection Attempts

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While trying to lớn access one or multiple shared connections or folder across the local network, Windows users may run into “File và Print Sharing resource is online but isn’t responding khổng lồ connection attempts” error.

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The error can occur on the lachạy thử Windows 10 as well as older Windows 7 version running computers. This error is triggered if the PC is unable to lớn discover the network, PeerBloông xã is blocking the local area connection etc. Many users have reported similar issues in the Microsoft community.

I have been receiving an error when trying khổng lồ reach my shared directory from my PC that states the following:“File and Print Sharing resource (MyIPhường. lớn share) is online but isn’t responding to connection attempts.” I’ve sầu been sharing this directory for a long time và it suddenly just stopped working.

If you are also troubled by this issue, here are a couple of troubleshooting tips lớn help you fix this error in Windows computers.

How lớn fix File và Print Sharing resource is online but isn’t responding khổng lồ connection attempts

1. Chechồng if the computers are discoverable

Below we have listed both the methods lớn make the computer discoverable to the network.

Connecting via Wi-Fi adapter

Cliông xã on Start and select Settings.Select Network and Internet.Under “Network Profile” select “Public” option.Do the same with all the computer on the network that uses the Wi-Fi connection.

Connecting via Ethernet adapter

Click on Start và select Settings.Cliông chồng on Network & Internet.

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Select the Ethernet tab from the left pane.From the right pane, clichồng on the Network adapter.Under “Network Profile“, select “Private” option.Now you need lớn repeat these steps with all the computers that are available on the network.

Now that you have configured all the computers khổng lồ be discoverable try khổng lồ access the shared folder và kiểm tra if the error is resolved.

2. Install pending Windows updates

The Network Diagnostic error on Windows 10 has affected the build 1703. If you are still running the older version of the OS, install all the available updates khổng lồ fix the issue.Click on Start và select Settings.Cliông xã on Windows Update.Check if any update is available. Click on Download now to lớn tải về và install the update.Once the update is installed, restart the computer và check for any improvements.

3. Disable Windows Firewall

The Windows Defender Firewall may sometime blochồng the connection that it may tag as unsafe. Try disabling Windows Defender Firewall temporarily and kiểm tra for any improvements.Click on Start và select Settings.Go to lớn Update and Security.From the right pane, clichồng on “Firewall & Network Protection“.Cliông chồng the toggle switch under “Windows Defender Firewall” khổng lồ turn off Windows Defender Firewall.Now try to lớn access the shared thư mục and kiểm tra if the tệp tin và print Sharing resource is online but isn’t responding lớn connection attempts error is resolved.Make sure you turn on the firewall once the error is resolved.