Photoshop: copy và cut trong không dùng đến clipboard

Yes, there is. Ctrl + cliông chồng (with + shift or shift alone, if there are many) all text layers in layers dialog lớn select them, then in character settings window, just phối italic, font-family, weight, etc. For layer style, has been explained above.

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This method does not copy character styles, it 'applies' your selections to multiple layers. This is different from copy/paste.
Character Style & Paragraph Styles are designed for just this.


Much like layer styles, you simply format a text layer how you"d like it then clichồng the little "new" ibé at the bottom of one of the style panels. This will create a new style. When you then wish to lớn format text to look lượt thích that style, simply highlight the text layer và cliông chồng the style in the Character Style or Paragraph Style Panel.

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Character styles will alter just the text - phông, face, kích cỡ, etc. Paragraph Styles will alter paragraph options - alignment, spacing, etc.


Layer style? Or actually text style?

Right cliông xã on the layer khổng lồ copy the layer style. Right clichồng again lớn paste on the new layer.

For the text formatting itself, duplicating the text layer is the easiest option.



If you select a text layer with the text tool it will copy the text style. But the text form size isn"t copied across if you use transform tool. If you use the font kích cỡ selector it works as expected.


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